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Jason Jones, CEC
Communication & Performance Coach

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Jason Jones, CEC, PCC is a certified communication coach and speaker who is committed to developing certified coaches, complimentary health practitioners and consultants to enroll clients at higher rates with less effort. 

He has spent 30 years developing his adaptive way of being that has produced outlier results in business growth, fund raising and mass media entertainment. His previous coaching and training company went global in two years and now serves the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.His previous ventures involved communications media and entertainment including a number one rated radio morning show and a  talk show on WCCO,Minneapolis, MN.  
Jason is certified by The Royal Roads University and the International Coaching Federation.  He holds a bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and Media Arts from the University of Minnesota.   His coaching and training programs focus on the mastery of adaptive conversations with strategic emphasis on emotional connection and supporting making a confident buying choice.  

The Coaching Hour is committed to developing business and sales professionals with the clarity, skills, and personal awareness to help become someone people love to buy from.  We use cutting edge methodologies rooted in psychology, brain science and time tested application that develop productive behaviors.  The result is personal and financial success. 

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