The Coaching Hour

Fractional leaders find that traditional selling methods are not working to land fractional leadership roles. With Adaptive Conversations for Conscious Selling, you can learn to transform your communication to create the awareness that generates demand for your expertise.

Here's Who This is For

This is for Fractional Leaders and Certified Coaches who:

  • Want potential clients to recognize your value.
  • Have a proven track record of getting results buyers want.

If you meet the criteria above, then I’d love to speak with you.

With Adaptive Conversations, we help you:

  • Create a demand for your expertise and offering
  • Know how to guide conversations from interesting topics to expertise to exploring collaborative opportunities.
  • Know how to articulate your value so that more clients buy. 
  • Know how to navigate the big feelings and resistance you and your buyers experience in conversations.
  • Be prepared to convert conversations to sales meetings.
  • Feel confident, upbeat, and comfortable throughout the whole process.
  • Develop the kind of leadership presence that does the selling for you.  
  • Know how to have potential clients see themselves working with you.  
  • Know how to package your offer to contain the engagement and give you the autonomy and freedom promised by leading your practice. 

Here’s How It Works

Transform Conscious and
Unconscious Behaviors

Learn the practices that shift your behaviors to give you the presence that people trust and want to buy from.

Follow a Process

This allows you to lead conversations that keep your buyer confident, empowered, and at choice.

Master Tools and Techniques

Learn how to support potential clients in navigating the big feelings that come with investing in themselves.

Here's What You DON’T Do

No pushing to get them to buy

No slimy sales tricks to get people to do something.

No negotiating against yourself to get the sale.

No nervousness around the investment conversation.

Here's What We’ll Do

As part of our work together, it will be our job to help you with:

  • Integrating the process and communication tools into your conversations.
  • Transform your mindset and expand your worthiness to receive success and prosperity to match your impact. 
  • Customize your offering for every buyer.
  • Practice and feedback to master your enrollment conversation. 
  • Understand how modern buyers think so you can make it easy for them to buy.

Your job:  be willing to follow our proven process and have at least one discovery session a week to integrate the learning so that you sign more clients and transform more lives.

Here's What You’ll Provide

As part of our work together, it will be your job to:

  •  Have five conversations every week.
  •  Engage in all training sessions, group coaching calls and practice pairings.
  • Be coachable.
  • Show up motivated to be the change that brings success.
Jason Jones, CEC, PCC

Your Coach and guide for the transformation of your communication

Jason Jones, CEC, PCC, is a communication and business development coach, trainer, and speaker committed to developing fractional leaders and sales teams to give up traditional sales communication and create more reliable results using adaptive conversations. He has spent the last seven years researching, developing, testing, and coaching to uncover the most effective path of personal development that will enable a person to prosper in their business without sacrificing an enriched personal life.  He has spent 30 years developing his adaptive way of being, which has produced outlier results in business growth, fundraising, live events, and mass media entertainment.  He has been self-employed for over 20 years, generating demand for solutions that his buyers did not know they wanted until Jason created the awareness.

Here’s What I Invite You to Do Next

Click here to book some time to speak with me.  That link will open a new window and take you to my Calendar where you’re free to book your call.

Typically, we speak for 45 – 60 minutes.  We’ll review your goals, what you’re looking to do, and then see if it makes sense to work together.

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Review the Research!

Click here to review our White Paper to see everything that has gone into creating this transformative program and why it is so effective in todays marketplace. 

What Jason's clients say about his work...

Cindy Karnes

“Before working with Jason, I felt awkward starting the sales conversation with potential clients.  I wanted to skip directly to the “what I do” and “why they need me” and would run before asking if they wanted to buy my services. Now I am so relaxed in the sales conversation that it does not even feel like sales.  It feels like a natural conversation with friends as I walk through the discovery process and identify their struggles and how my services would help them. “

Cindy Karnes : Productivity Expert Founder of Empowered Hours

Kris Rowe

“Working with Jason and the Coaching Hour showed me the way to take my work from a hobby to a thriving business. I learned how to have Sales Conversations that now feel effortless. No more thinking about “What if they say no? What do I say then?” It all just flows and the client “sells” themselves. The other big takeaway for me was learning how to design a talk for people that enables me to truly share what I do and impact the audience. This structure allowed me to confidently talk in front of people, sharing my message and the next steps to work with me. I would highly recommend Jason and the Coaching Hour.”

Kris Rowe, Leadership Coaching/Integral Master Coach 


Paul Boehnke

Paul Boehnke, Certified Professional Coach

Liz Loney

Liz Loney, Certified Life Coach

Diana Zawada

Diana Zawada, Sales Professional

Trish Perry

“We are all looking to increase our business, right? Well in 1 year, I raised my rates by over 30% and increased my business by over 100%. If you want focus and accountability with real-time results, look no further.”

Trish Perry, PCC

See over 60 recommendations for Jason Jones and the Coaching hour on LinkedIn , over 30 on Google Business here.  We live by the value we deliver and the results we produce.  

Need to Know more?  Learn about all the research that went into this training in our White Paper here.

All that is left to do is schedule a Discovery Session with Jason here.

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