If you are a motivated talented entrepreneur who loves what you do, but wants an easier, more reliable way to generate a constant stream of new clients, then this is for you. No more cold calling, feeling pushy, struggling with feast or famine periods, or struggling to find clients anymore. What you need is a simple, fail-proof and reliable constant client system for your business, that will find clients easily, effectively and even automatically.

If you are ready to start stop struggling, and start enjoying the amazing freedom that comes from having plenty of ideal clients clamoring to work with you, join Jason Jones, a leading authority on helping solopreneurs create six figures, get the powerful Constant Client Formula, and see how you can apply it easily and immediately to start building your client rich, profitable business right away, (yes, even in this economy).

During this action-packed webinar you will learn:

    • The 5 major mistakes that stop entrepreneurs from finding clients
    • My simple 3 step process for generating a lifetime of clients
    • The best methods of attracting clients that are working, right now
    • How to take “mildly interested” to “wildly enthusiastic”
    • Closing clients sweetly and easily
    • How to tailor-make your own unique client generation system

Imagine how this would change your life? And then register below to finally get the tools and techniques know-how how you need to attract constant clients for good.

  • When: June 1, 2017
  • Time: 2 pm – 3 pm CST
  • Location: Online:  Click here to RSVP and we will send you a link
  • Cost:  Free

Seating is limited.  Reserve your seat.